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Tangible talks

This project is about creating tangible knowledge with pain carriers, their sensitivity to handling
such condition, the difficulties of communicating it in their household or among friends and let
alone exploring these topics in several clayish meetings with me.
It’s important to mention that this proposal is a web of different formats of work collaborated with
people that suffer from Chronic pain
“She woke up at the same time we did which usually didn’t happen, but she felt fine when she
woke up, so she got up.
She usually didn’t talk so much but she looked happy, so she laughed.
She rode her motorbike, she shouldn’t have but she felt like getting more hours of sunlight, so she
drove to the beach.
On the beach, we walked, swam together for the first time because she wanted to enjoy her holi-
days, away from her bed.
All of us were quite impressed, what is going on? We thought.
Are you OK? When do you want to go home? Let us know. Did you bring your medicines? Watch
out for the dogs!”